Plan your migration off unsupported servers


If you are not running Windows Server 2012 R2 and SQL Server 2014 yet, it’s time to consider upgrading to take advantage of groundbreaking improvements in performance. Support has either ended or will end soon for the following products, which means no more security updates, increased maintenance costs, and potential compliance concerns.

Talk to Diaxion about our efficient and proven top down (business lead) approach to allocating the assets to a remediation path that is agreed with the business to aims to get you traction quickly

Have Microsoft Consulting credits or a Custom Support Agreement, can we help you utilise them to remediate your end of support assets?

There is tremendous value available in upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server including

  • – Significantly improved performance. Benchmarks show SQL Server 2014 performs 13x faster than SQL Server 2005 and 5.5x faster than SQL Server 2008.
  • – Additional performance gains from in-memory technologies for OLTP, data warehousing, and analytics
  • – Simplified updating and maintenance as well as more online processes
  • – Easier than ever high-availability

We’d like to set up time with you to start planning a transition that will provide you with the security features and reliability you’ve experienced over the last decade with SQL Server 2005, plus the added value of the features now included in SQL Server 2014. You also have the opportunity to migrate entirely to the cloud with Azure SQL Database or to implement a hybrid cloud with SQL Server 2014 and Azure.

To learn more, call or email us We can share success stories, and guide you through the next steps for a smooth transition for your organisation