Achieve more with ServiceNow Automation


Is your business looking for ways to accelerate virtual infrastructure provisioning processes? Requesting infrastructure can take a long time from the moment the request initiates to the delivery and readiness to use the infrastructure. Orchestration and Cloud management enhance quality of service and allows the control of delivery and the distribution of infrastructure to different environments from start to end.

With ServiceNow Automation and Diaxion’s capabilities, we can help your organisation with:

  • Savings in Time with workflows to automate provisioning of VMs
  • Improve Communication between the requestor and provisioning team by automating notification on the progress of provisioning a system from start to end
  • Simplified request processes by directing users to a single point of contact to request infrastructure and services. Cloud management offers one stop shop for cloud infrastructure provisioning by offering a cloud portal linked to a catalogue where infrastructure teams can request, start and stop virtual machines
  • Accelerate Approval processes with pre-configured policies
  • Client Software Distribution can be automated with ServiceNow. It offers applications to automate software delivery from a service catalogue for instance. ServiceNow Provides Out of the Box support for “System Center Configuration Manager” (SCCM).
  • Empower users to self-reset – Active Directory password‎ and frees time to action more important tasks
  • Connect to multiple infrastructures Such as AWS, Azure and vCenter. ServiceNow automation will reduce provisioning time by offering a central Cloud management platform