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The vCIO program is a residency-based engagement that provides the Client with a skilled resource positioned on-site, on either a permanent basis or a part-time basis in order to manage the daily operation or execute the transformation of a roadmap developed by the organisation/Diaxion.

• Short / Medium term • Part time / Full time • Transformation leadership / Execution of Roadmap


The IT Operations Assessment is a pragmatic review/improvement exercise of IT operations at a company and/or technical silo level. Each of the following assessment areas can be encompassed in a holistic review or alternatively can be reviewed as a single component within your IT organisation.

• Skill set • Process / IT Governance • Toolset • People structure • Operation Transformation

This would typically include an audit of the aforementioned areas followed by the development of a strategy/roadmap that is practical in nature with real implementation steps for the organisation. This process can also be seen as a transformation program
assisting the organisation to move-up the levels of maturity within their IT operation.


The IT Infrastructure audit encompasses a broad and narrow audit to assist in identifying the scope/areas within an IT organisation that require further analysis. Each of these assessment areas can be encompassed in a holistic audit or can be audited as a single component within your own IT organisation.

• Key services and applications review • High Level IT Architecture audit • Operation Transformation • Process maturity assessment • Process / procedure development / training / implementation • Run book creation / review.