DC Modernisation, what is it?


Diaxion has been mobilising this year to help you, our clients, around the growing urgency on DC modernisation. What does this mean? It is, as with many significant IT changes, clouded (sorry for the use of the word cloud ☺ ) in mystery and vagueness. But essentially it is all encompassing steerage of IT infrastructure, hybrid cloud, service delivery culture, channel delivery and automation / DevOps. What do we mean by that? For us it is the following:

  • How do you transform from your current legacy state with people, process and technology constraints
  • The morph of your organisation into the new world of how you want to offer services to your clients
  • How you need to operate from a people, process and technology perspective.
  • To get to the new world, what is the journey that you need to undertake, what is the team, skillset and process transformation to complete that journey? Further, what is the thought leadership to assist your team to take the journey and what technologies or approaches should be considered on the journey that your team is not aware of?

    Diaxion has the experience and knowledge to pragmatically provide this for you and assist in creating the roadmap of the journey. How? We have been working on other client transformations, been talking to clients on the journey where we have been involved on the edge and, we have independently been investing in areas critical to the transformation such as containers, orchestration, business process optimisation, hybrid cloud operating models and cost transparency.

    We have been heavily involved in helping clients to assess their current work demands into the four types of work and how to reduce the unproductive work to free up resources and allow the resources to contribute to business projects and add direct value to the business value chain. In all this we have focused on people, process and technology from cradle to grave to represent value to the business in all aspects of our engagement.

    If your company is on a similar journey please let us know and if you need help understanding how to start, how to improve or direct the journey, please reach out to us to leverage our experience and knowledge.