Diaxion “The State of DevOps 2016 Report” Breakfast


The Sydney and Melbourne events were well attended by our customers and had representatives from Diaxion, Puppet and our security partner Hivint. Attendees from all sizes of organisation and industries with a common goal, how to drive IT transformation through the adoption of DevOps within their organisation.

Puppet presented and discussed interactively with the attendees the findings of the 2016 State of DevOps Report. Diaxion presented an overview of our DevOps transformation journey engagement and held an interactive discussion with the attendees of the experiences we have had, how ourselves and our clients have addressed the common hurdles and challenges in the journey. Diaxion expressed the need to tie DevOps to tangible business outcome goals to focus the organisation around the goal. Further that the much talked about tool chain is only about 40% of the journey, People and Process are the bigger challenge to address. An open discussion session was then opened for the attendees to both share their own experiences and to ask questions pertinent to their situations of Puppet, Diaxion and their fellow attendees.

The attendees were at all different maturity stages in their journey around their DevOps practice, but there was a general consensus that a more rapid adoption was needed if organisations were to remain competitive through speed to market and to enable digital transformation. Interestingly, raised in the conversation was the topic of DevOps contribution to the retention of high potential talent in the enterprise, and the association of DevOps in being able to provide job satisfaction and retention of developers. It became quite clear that IT Organisations are still learning how to enable but govern in order to bring value to their business. Conclusion: DevOps is definitely not just the next buzz word and is being taken very seriously across the enterprise.