EMC iPad & iPhone Apps


EMC has recently released several apps for your Apple i device.

An EMC Support app for iPhone which allows you to quickly login and check the status of your service requests and make updates
EMC Mobile, which is billed as “the essential tool for those of us who live EMC”
EMC Folio, a news and video app to keep up with everything EMC.

Anyone who has had to deal with EMC over the years knows the pain of Powerlink, a website that is slow, only works with some browsers, and is so overloaded with information that it can be difficult to find what you are after. Regular users often keep an offline archive of important documentation so they don’t need to go online. Unfortunately this means that users have to keep their local repository up to date.

I’ve been using EMC Folio to fill in my train journey to work. I login at home and sync a couple of videos over my WiFi, then watch them on the train to keep up to date with what’s going on in the EMC World. The EMC Mobile app has a lot of potential, however currently it doesn’t have all the documentation for every product. It only has 12 Networker documents, compared to the 35 on Powerlink. It allows offline syncing and all documents are downloaded as PDFs for easy transfer to other applications or devices.

I look forward to what the future of these products brings (and hopefully their Android and dare I say it, Windows (Mobile, RT & 8) brethren), and envisage a not to distant future where I can simply tell the App to sync all Networker 7.6 and higher documentation to my iPad and I’ll never be caught without the manual again. Until then, I’ll keep downloading the documentation manually and synchronising it between my laptop and iPad using Dropbox.