EMC Releases VSPEX Solution for Microsoft SharePoint


On January 8th 2013 EMC announced a VSPEX Proven Infrastructure for SharePoint on virtualised environments. EMC VSPEX is a reference architecture that allows the customer to choose which hypervisor, server and networking best suits the uniqueness of their environment and which they prefer to use alongside EMC unified storage such as VNX and VNXe. The VSPEX Proven Infrastructure is designed for customers looking to consolidate their storage and infrastructure and reduce TCO associated with a SharePoint deployment.

The VSPEX for SharePoint configuration can scale from 1,000 to 10,000 users and can be used with all the private cloud solutions in the VSPEX catalogue. EMC have completed tests and studies to show how VSPEX helps customers in virtualised SharePoint environments tune SharePoint storage performance in 80% less time, reduce time to provision SharePoint, accelerate SQL Server transactions by four times, cut time to manage backups by 80% and reduce storage used for backups by up to thirty times.

Read detailed information about VSPEX for SharePoint at the link below.