Modernising the Data Centre


Continuing our focus of working with our clients on defining and assisting on their DC Modernisation journey we have over the last six months expanded our partner community to include:

Hashicorp – for secrets management (Vault), Provisioning (Terraform) and Orchestration (Nomad)
Unlocking the Cloud Operating Model White Paper
Cloud Checkr – for cloud compliance checking, best practice compliance, monitoring, cost optimistion and management
Device 42– CMDB and application dependency mapping, specialising with Jira service desk support
Google Cloud – GCP / GKE, for true multi cloud and container enablement
Github – enabling the evolution on a modern CI/CD pipeline on premise as well as in the cloud

These are in addition to our existing partners:

Our new partnerships were identified and established to fill capabilities within our clients hybrid cloud, multi-cloud and general DC modernisation efforts. With the enablement of Google, Diaxion now has multi-cloud capability across Azure, AWS and GCP and protected clouds such as Azure AU Central and AU Cloud.

By focusing on people, process and technology to represent value to the business in all aspects of our engagements, we are able to unlock the fastest path to value of the cloud and your DC modernisation journey.

For more information on how this eco system can help you please reach out to us to leverage our experience and knowledge.