Is Hybrid Cloud the post COVID Solution?


With the immediate future being unpredictable and rapidly expanding, the Hybrid Cloud offers:

1.      Business Continuity

a.      Hybrid Cloud allows for continued business even in the face of disruptions or unexpected outcomes.


b.      Unless your business was already operating under a sophisticated network, there would’ve definitely been unavoidable issues.


2.      Scaling

a.      Hybrid Cloud allows for the cost-effective and seamless transition between the scaling up and down of your business relative to your immediate situation, voluntary or not.


b.      This also negates capital expenses and local resource requirements.


3.      Migration

a.      Hybrid Cloud deployment requires very detailed monitoring of these aspects: cost analytics, quota control, service library customization, performance monitoring, governance capabilities.


b.      Especially when migrating data to and from public and/or private clouds.


c.      Also moving into richer libraries and the expansion of APIs, apps, and infrastructure capabilities.


4.      Security

a.      This is an issue which all users engaging with the Hybrid Cloud will need to account for. The industry quickly working towards affiliating security strategy with business strategy.


b.      This involves transparency with aspects such as control and visibility across downstream evolution and cloud deployments.


As always Diaxion can help you with this work. We have completed this across a number of our clients; banks, superannuation, government, utilities.

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