IT Hybrid Cloud Model


Supporting IT hybrid cloud models – Enable your business

Do you find your choices defaulting to tools to enable business, yet challenges continue to arise while business demand grows?

Start with defining and understanding the organisational capabilities needed to help your business drive the technology choices, which head you towards a vendor agnostic approach.

A starting stance of reviewing your operating model, its people and processes, which then lead to the technology decisions should be focused on. Allowing you to be more flexible with your technology choices and applying substance, where the business sees tangible results.

There needs to be decisive action with a holistic business/technology outlook to adapt to the changing landscape that businesses operate in today. What you see as status quo, sensible, or even, a futuristic approach to your operations will likely be outdated in 5 years. We are all aware of the interview question, “What do you want to be doing in 5 years?” It’s time to think of this as a business leader more so now; it should be a question asked of the people and the processes of the organisation. “Where should they be in 5 years?”

With the above in mind, there is a whole generation of people who will be entering the workplace in a few short years, where status quo is almost incomprehensible. There is always another way; a different lens to view the issues and their potential solutions. Traditional work practices will be challenged with greater momentum than ever before and if your processes and organisational culture cannot be flexible to offer your workforce to make changes for the better, the talent will be lost and the business will suffer. Focus on People and Processes, and then the Technology.

Leadership needs a shakeup. Interactions need to shift. It’s time to re-brand in-house with names that demonstrate progression. Move away from the traditional support team names that invoke the status quo. Every level of the organisation has to buy-in to the movement and your leadership must be enthusiastic, and want to succeed and win the game you’re all playing.

We can assist you in developing strategies and working through operating plans, especially those pertaining to hybrid cloud. We have built up the capabilities that help IT and Business strive in the competitive landscape.