Enabling Infrastructure Automation – Leveraging investment in hybrid cloud


Many organisations have adopted, or are planning to implement a hybrid cloud platform for a number of reasons:

  • Agility – speed to market
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced cost
  • IT as an enabler

As these organisations move from the old operating model to the new they do not realise the tangible benefits they expected or their old IT workflows are not compatible with the new operating model. One of the barriers for this is the inability to provision the infrastructure component and its associated policies to keep up with the speed at which the business demands it.

Diaxion has many years of experience working with businesses to enable and maximise their investment in their hybrid cloud platform. Our consultants are working with organisations just like yours who need to implement:

  • Standardisation of repeatable services
  • Expediting service delivery to the business owners and potential revenue turn on
  • Cost and efficiency savings in managing the infrastructure
  • Decreasing risk

Diaxion has deep experience in highly regulated (APRA) industries, government, service providers and utilities. Diaxion is vendor agnostic meaning that we focus on the customer not the technology; however, we are certified and have experience with tools such as Puppet, CIAC, Ansible and platforms such as ServiceNow and CloudCenter.

Services Offered:

The engagement can be tailored to specific requirements to fill gaps in capability. The services include:

  • Automation and orchestration strategy
  • Environment provisioning and management
  • Integration with DevOps tool chains
  • Standardisation of infrastructure builds
  • Infrastructure governance through configuration drift management
  • Automate server provisioning
  • Enforcing security and compliance
  • Automation of day to day tasks
  • Integration with ticket systems to apply automated responses to issues (restarting servers, performing common trouble shooting tasks)
  • Automated repair

Reach out to us if you would like to speak to a subject matter expert about the challenges you face and the goals you have.