Public clouds – Solution for security and management concerns


Given the convenience of cloud computing in TCO and deployment maintenance and expansion, more and more enterprise organisations are moving to public clouds. The main concerns organisations have about public clouds are still security and management issues compared to local deployments. Correspondingly, start-ups that have solved these concerns have emerged. CloudCheckr, which provides enterprises with rich monitoring methods and deployment optimisation practices, is one of them.

CloudCheckr is a startup that provides a cloud service management platform, founded in 2011 and headquartered in Rochester, New York. CloudCheckr simplifies cloud infrastructure for public cloud users, provides transparency and visibility into deployments, and leverages best practices to help users save money.

The solution consists of three modules:

  • The first is resource control: Resource control can provide detailed information about the deployment of the cloud, such as historical snapshots, current usage lists, trend reports, change monitoring, etc., allowing users to accurately understand the current status and scope of the cloud used.
  • The second is cost optimisation: Through this module, users can analyse their own cost in the public cloud, explore the utilisation of resources, and propose scenario-based cost optimisation recommendations.
  • The third is the best practice module: This module identifies exceptions in the user’s deployment that are poorly configured and may affect security, cost, and availability. Users can respond accordingly or plan accordingly.
  • CloudCheckr also offers the Total Compliance module that is free for all Security based customers.

    The Total Compliance module does three things:

  • First, it automatically and continuously monitors your infrastructure for compliance with 35 different standards, such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, CIS, NIST, SOC2 and more.
  • Second, if a problem is found, the software can fix the issue for you with “Self-Healing” automation.
  • Third, CloudCheckr Total Compliance provides a detailed log with historical details and remediation notes for third-party auditors that prioritises issues and detailed instructions to help users take remedial action.
  • Currently, CloudCheckr is available in both free and professional versions supporting AWS and Azure. With the platform helping users save money and improve the security and availability of cloud services, more than 40% of AWS Premier Consulting Partners now use its management services, and 150 of AWS and Azure resellers are using CloudCheckr. Companies including Nasdaq, Siemens, Recycling, etc. are direct users, and the annual cloud expenses they manage exceed $1 billion.

    Diaxion has partnered with CloudCheckr to assist our clients with cloud compliance and cost optimisation and management. Contact Diaxion for more information on how CloudCheckr fits into the Diaxion eco system.