Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory


In partnership with Quest, Diaxion is able to complete the migration of an Active Directory environment. Such a migration is a delicate and often incorrectly carried out procedure. The task of consolidating multiple Active Directory forests/domains into one centralised and structured forest can be accomplished by using this toolset.

Several recent engagements with our clients have seen Diaxion gain experience with the installation and use of the Quest Migration Manger toolset. These engagements have been across a number industry segments, (such as Banking and Insurance, Healthcare and Utilities) and included migrations from multiple Active Directories into a one Structured Forest/Domain.

The approach that Diaxion takes to these migrations is part of our proven methodology and includes carrying out an initial analysis of the current Active Directory infrastructure. We then look into the Users, Groups, Workstations and Organisational Unit structure for each source domain. As a result of this analysis, all findings are the provided in written reports to our client. Lastly, we will work with our clients on the analysis of the data extracted from the environment, building a road map to perform the migration to an agreed design and architecture.

Diaxion provides specific prerequisites guidance, with the installation and configuration of the Migration Manager toolset. Performing Pilot migrations can be used to discover shortfalls, and if found these deficiencies can be used to drive the project and keep end user disruption to an absolute minimum during the migration phase.

Diaxion has completed many engagements involving Active Directory. So, if this is something that your organisation has questions about, reach out to our dedicated team for a confidential chat.