The importance of regular health checks


We all know why it is important that you visit your local doctor for regular check-ups. They can find and diagnose any problems before they start, or identify problems early, when the probability of treating and curing any issues is significantly higher. Regular visits can increase your chances of living a longer and overall healthier life.

So why is your IT environment any different? Regular health checks of your infrastructure and supporting environment can identify any new or systemic issues within your environment before they start impacting end-users. Early detection usually results in a measured approach to remediation being taken, rather than the rushed ‘have to fix it now’ method. Like medical check-ups, there are common high-level areas that should be checked each time, including configuration, performance, capacity and currency of the environment.

Scheduling regular checks and reviews of your infrastructure is one way to ensure that the expenditure and ongoing investment in the solution results in “a longer and overall healthier life” for the environment.