VNXe Performance Analysis


David Muegge over at has written an excellent article on performance analysis of the EMC VNXe storage array using PowerShell.

In its current iteration, the VNXe has reduced functional capability for monitoring and performance analysis when compared to the standard VNX. In addition, the way that the information is collected and stored differs from the VNX; all data collected is stored in a SQLite database. Using Unisphere Analyzer to access this information is currently not possible.

David has written a custom PowerShell module that contains a number of CmdLets for extracting and displaying data that is stored within this database. Detailed instructions for downloading and configuring the module are provided, including external dependencies. He then goes on to show some examples for using the code. Graphing of the collected information is outside of the scope of the module, though David does provide further information on generating these graphs using external tools.

Although considered an entry-level system, it is still important that performance information relating to any investment in your environment is made available. We highly recommend that you download and try out the tool within your VNXe environment. For consultants, this tool will make a valuable addition to your arsenal.

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