Whats New in Data Domain 5.3?


Clearing the decks for the big product announcements at EMC World this month, EMC quietly slipped out a few major software updates that they didn’t feel were blockbuster enough for the Las Vegas stage. The most interesting of these is the new release of DDOS, version 5.3. It brings much needed improvements to capacity, speed & functionality.

Capacity has been increased to 100PB for a DD990, thanks to new 3TB drives for the ES30 shelves, additionally enhanced DDBoost functionality means more data can be stored. DDBoost now supports writing over FC for environments with large FC deployments & natively supports Oracle RMAN Multiplexing. A feature often requested.

Support for non EMC backup products has been improved dramatically with support added for Symantec NetBackup Auto Image Replication, Dell NetVault Backup 9, improved Enterprise Vault integration and integration with Documentum for content storage, along with AXS-One for file and email archiving.

DDOS 5.3 is standing on the shoulders of an already well respected platform of 5.2, and brings many welcome improvements to not only itself, but a number of other BRS products as well.

Tags: data, Diaxion, Storage