Reduce Project Burn in Development Testing, Compliance and Release Phases

With Infrastructure as Code

Your Infrastructure Stack as a Complex, Modular, Software Application

The path to the cloud, be it internal, public, virtual private or just lean operations is fraught with pitfalls and impediments. One key way of avoiding some of these is to move to infrastructure as code. What does this mean? It means treating your entire infrastructure stack as a complex, modular, software application with all the associated control and maintenance required.

The benefits are many and the return can be in year but, risks exist. Do it right and you have a lean, agile and consistent environment, your service catalogue is better aligned to the consumer and you reduce the project burn in development testing, compliance and release phases. Do it wrong and you risk, increased complexity and cost, cloud bill shock, broken standards, security issues etc.


Outcomes Accomplished

Customer value accomplished through a holistic journey lens. Determining the right strategy to deliver your infrastructure as code, the right approach and toolset needed to effectively automate your system and the capability to manage configuration drift before advising on service catalogue approaches. We work with you pragmatically in a way that’s aligned to your budget, resourcing and corporate maturity, to perform any or all of the following:

  • Assess your IT infrastructure state
  • Define your target state
  • Identify business benefits from “infrastructure as code” (automation, aligned service catalogue, orchestration, operating costs)
  • Business case development
  • Service catalogue alignment
  • Roadmap development (with in-year returns)
  • Toolset Selection
  • Workflow identification and optimisation
  • Automation and Orchestration development
  • Ongoing support of developed code
  • Ongoing optimisation reviews

Automation Gives You Back Time

Diaxion works across many toolsets and will work with you to determine the best fit for your team and environment using our wide range of IT infrastructure services. Diaxion invests heavily in keeping its team skilled in the latest tools and currently has experience in:

  • ServiceNow
  • Puppet
  • Microsoft System Centre
  • UCS Director
  • CIAC
  • Cisco Prime service catalogue

Diaxion has performed engagements for large enterprise through to start ups in many industries. If you’re looking to automate all or part of your infrastructure, need Puppet configuration management or are looking for talented enterprise architects, we’re the team for you.

Get in touch with Diaxion today and find out how much easier life could be. With offices in Melbourne and Sydney we’ve helped thousands of people simplify their business with our IT infrastructure services. Become one of them.


Experts Beyond Automation

Get an IT strategist who works with you as a partner, not simply providing an occasional service. At Diaxion we’ll take the time to understand your company’s requirements and strive with you to achieve your IT infrastructure goals.

We only succeed when you do – our technicians will proactively offer advice and support to ensure that you’re working at your very best. Whether you’re looking for virtualisation consultation or enterprise architect services, you can rely on us.

For more information on our company, get in touch today. Use our contact page or speak to our Sydney office directly on +61 (0)2 9043 9200 or our Melbourne location on +61 (0)3 9036 8900. Work smarter with help from a professional IT strategist and find the agility you need to outperform the competition.

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