DevoOps Consulting Services (Tangible business benefits measurable within the financial year)

Tangible business benefits measurable within the financial year

DevOps consulting can start, mature or realign your DevOps journey and unlock measurable business value

  • DevOps deployment strategy tied to your business outcomes and delivering measurable benefits
  • Optimised business process maps to realise your identified business benefits
  • DevOps tool chain map
  • DevOps roadmap: people, process, technology – delivering your business transformation

Get More From Your DevOps Deployment Strategy

Top down business benefit focused DevOps assessment with you and your team, assisting you in your pragmatic DevOps journey. A journey focused on realising tangible business benefits you can measure within the financial year.

We’ll help you identify your business outcomes DevOps can achieve. User stories are created representing the business outcome with business process maps for their current state. DevOps consulting experts will work with your teams to perform an optimisation across the process maps looking at ways that DevOps can transform the user story to realise the business targeted benefits. Diaxion can get your company ready, aligned to and realising in year tangible business benefits enabled by your DevOps journey.

Diaxion will conduct a series of workshops with key stakeholders to outline the business benefits, define the outcomes, and work through what will be needed to encourage people to align to the journey.
Use cases aligned to the identified business outcomes will be defined which can enable the in year business benefits realisation.
The use cases against current state that will be process mapped.
Identification of the optimisation methods on the process map.
Lean process improvement and organisational change approach.

Diaxion will work with you to undertake an optimisation exercise across the process maps; considering all aspects of people, process and technology to “enable but govern” the outcomes.
From the optimised maps a list of integration points and new standards, automation architecture requirements will be identified.

Considering all aspects of the DevOps journey – People, Process, Technology.
Document DevOps enablement representing incremental tangible business benefits to your organisation whilst paying consideration to the pragmatic rate of change your business demands.

Enterprise DevOps Transformation Unveiling New Insights

    1. Key business value goals
    2. Current tool ecosystem and processes
    3. Process map the current DevOps pipeline and concept to release processes
    4. Analyse and identify the current hurdles, maturity and proposed roadmap

Talk to a DevOps Consulting Expert

Infrastructure architects with expertise in future technologies and IT direction workshop to develop the efficiency of your IT strategy. Leverage enterprise architecture services and align special expertise to your business needs.

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