Agnostic advice aligning your IT to your business strategy.

When you need a pragmatic and flexible partner providing visibility and risk reduction.

Two Decades of Removing Risk in Digital Transformations

The digital transformation and modernisation of your organisation offers renewed capabilities from change. Yet the nature of change may present risks of uncertainty. 

Australia’s largest enterprises, federal and state governments rely on Diaxion to pragmatically map their digital transformation journeys with certainty. 

Two decades demystifying digital transformation journeys and removing risks for projects delivered on time and budget.

When you need an agnostic and pragmatic blueprint for your transformation journey delivered on time and budget, with zero surprises.

Have It Your Way

True lasting partnerships built with customer-centricity at heart. Your needs first, on your terms, serving your organisation.

No two organisations are the same, so cookie-cutter offers are rarely a suitable match. Your IT partner should be as flexible and bespoke as your organisational needs.

It’s why you can scale up (or down) your capabilities in an instant with our flexible service engagements: 

  1. 100% outsourced.
  2. Retain consultants as lead specialists to form part of your team.
  3. You deliver the work and we’ll act as independent advisers, reviewing and providing guidance with independent industry expert knowledge as your quality assurance.

Four Reasons Why Government and Enterprise Trust Diaxion


Change is the only constant. To adapt and flourish, flexibility and agility are critical to success. You may need an entire team or simply a transitional CSIO. Need QA support? Maybe you prefer outsourcing? Whatever your needs, wherever you are on your transformational journey, you’ll enjoy flexibility customised to your needs.

Industry Recognised Excellence

The highest industry certifications with AGSVA clearances. Experienced experts renowned and respected within the industry, approaching each project with holistic, open minded strategic thinking and practical implementation skills.

Proven Results

Results delivered at the highest level of service with complete and total reliability to quality outcomes.


Unbiased and independent vendor-neutral advice and recommendations.

How It Works:
Methodical, Rigorous and Robust

  • Business Case

  • Position Paper
  • Strategy Development
  • Business Requirements
  • Development

Strategy and Business Case

Need a strategy or business case for clarity on your next steps? 

Want to ensure your IT is aligned with your business strategy? 

Strategic clarity and alignment of your business goals with your IT happens here. In-depth strategy analysis into where you are today, and where you want to be tomorrow.


•  Design

•  Audit/Review

•  Road Map

•  Cost Model

•  Operating Model

Design and Preparation

Have a strategy or outcome but unsure how to get there on time and budget?

Gain clarity and direction on your IT and business alignment achieved from auditing your current systems, design and road map, and operational governance and financials.

You can use Diaxion as your quality assurance in your transformation or as your lead role.

  • Deployment
  • Administration and Design Support
  • Audit/Review
  • Documentation

Deployment and Readiness

From virtualisation to storage. Data centres to databases. Flexibility in delivering and implementing independent technology solutions by implementation leaders across the spectrum of IT areas.


• Governance

•  Mentoring

•  Diamond Support

•  Managed Services

•  Audit/Review

•  Cloud Transformation and Orchestration

Operational Excellence

Accomplish best practice infrastructure and systems with best practice governance, operational team structures, financial stability, your IT aligned to your business outcomes, and a flexible and reliable support partner.

Your Flexible Business Model

IT strategies Integrating IT solutions to Optimise to Your Business Goals

Want IT Strategy and Optimisation to Enable your Business Strategy?