Data Centre Automation (Spend more time running your business and less time on IT)

Spend more time running your business and less time on IT.

Reduce complexities with Data Centre Automation

And Get Time Back

With the evolution of Cloud as a Service today’s administrators need to consider them as an extension of the client data centre and factor them into any strategies concerning future growth or development. Diaxion’s data centre consultancy services can help you to consider the impact of Cloud as a Service on your infrastructure, what the next evolution of your company’s infrastructure should be and what the corresponding total cost of operation will be

Data Centre Consulting Services - Helping Your Data Centre Deliver More


Defining a Data Centre strategy and understanding the impact of that strategy across the IT operation, resourcing, network, storage, vendor support contracts and monitoring are critical aspects to every business and its alignment with IT. Diaxion has experience assisting businesses of all sizes throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and US to align the business and IT division’s strategies, requirements and budget to bring to fruition new or revitalised data centres.

Data Centre Strategy development / Quality Assurance


Data centre migration or upgrade process requires many layers of planning with many potential pitfalls and points of failure. It requires interacting with numerous disciplines including building construction, power, networking, redundancy, cooling, service requirements, security, servers, storage, applications, business strategy/requirements and so on, and then to manage any resulting problems or issues.

Data Centre audit and documentation services

• Data Centre capacity planning

• Data Centre redesign


Diaxion’s experienced team has the required skill sets, the deep experience and the vendor neutrality that can make your Data Centre design and build a low risk project, can optimise your new data centre design and save you money. Diaxon’s consulting services cover the entire raft of data centre requirement analysis and design and address the complete lifecycle of a solution.

• Assistance with Data Centre requirements

• Alignment to business strategy

• Contract and SLA definition / negotiation for third partner hosted data centre space

• Data Centre design and build

• Due diligence review of requirements

• Project plan / management and migration design

How It's Done

  • Diaxion provides industry-leading advice and implementation of data centre automation solutions to ensure that your company stays lean and competitive. Minimising human maintenance of your infrastructure means more time spent growing and developing your business. Be a proactive administrator, not a reactive one. Give yourself the positioning you need to plan ahead and ensure the best success.
  • Diaxion has a vast array of experience from small through medium and into Enterprise size facilities including strategy, design, discovery and automation. Trust us to offer you the best, most accurate and most relevant advice for your unique position.

Expertise Beyond Automation

Get an IT strategist who works with you as a partner, not simply providing an occasional service. At Diaxion we’ll take the time to understand your company’s requirements and strive with you to achieve your IT infrastructure goals.

We only succeed when you do – our technicians will proactively offer advice and support to ensure that you’re working at your very best. Whether you’re looking for virtualisation consultation or enterprise architect services, you can rely on us.

For more information on our company, get in touch today. Use our contact page or speak to our Sydney office directly on +61 (0)2 9043 9200 or our Melbourne location on +61 (0)3 9036 8900. Work smarter with help from a professional IT strategist and find the agility you need to outperform the competition.

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