Agility in the Clouds

Gain Competitive Edge from Agility with Cloud as a Service

Start, mature or realign your DevOps journey and unlock measurable business value

  • DevOps strategy tied to your business outcomes and delivering measurable benefits
  • Optimised business process maps to realise your identified business benefits
  • DevOps tool chain map
  • DevOps roadmap: people, process, technology – delivering your business transformation

Cloud - Where Do You Start?

‘Cloud as a Service’ can be confusing. 

  • Where do I start?
  • How do I get there?
  • What business benefits and outcomes will I get? 
  • Who should I use? 
  • How much will it really cost me? 
  • What impacts will there be on my existing IT? 
  • How do I integrate cloud into my existing environment? 

Diaxion can help you navigate these questions through a structured program that makes sense to your organisation and gives you the answers you need.

Diaxion has worked with a number of enterprises on aspects of their cloud journey including cloud strategy, cloud infrastructure design, TCO comparisons between clouds and internal, cloud integration, application placement strategies and cloud risk. Cloud as a Service is not a one size fits all, it is about understanding how cloud can best work with your environment and organisation – as it is a culture change as well. The cloud is a change in the way IT does business not a technology – are you ready?

Who is the cloud for? That depends on your point of view but there are many stakeholders:

  • CIO – How does this support the business objectives? How will risk be addressed? What is the roadmap? What are the alternatives and back out plans? How do I quantify the business value of cloud?
  • CFO – Will it cost the business less overall? What impact will there be from moving from capex to opex spending? What is my exchange rate risk? How do we govern who can create cloud on behalf of the organisation? What will be the impact of removing assets from the balance sheet?
  • Risk – How do we ensure data is secure? What regulatory impacts are there? What is our risk and security posture towards cloud?
  • Architecture and Development – What changes are required to existing applications to work in the cloud? How do we architect new applications for the cloud? How can we enable faster development through the use of the cloud?
  • Operations – How do we automate the cloud operations? What impact will there be on existing staff? What will be the impact on change and release processes? Are our tools sufficient to manage the cloud as well?
  • Procurement – Can we vary terms and conditions? What are the best billing arrangements? How do you govern usage?
  • HR – Do we have the skills to effectively use cloud? Is the organisation suitably organised to work with cloud?

Diaxion can work with you to define where you want to go while leveraging cloud as a service and, build the roadmap the get you to there affordably, step by step and risk managed.

Cloud Strategy

Cloud strategy is have a clear and comprehensively agreed target to aim for and the road map to get you there taking into account organisational, regulatory issues and changes along the way
Cloud strategy

Readiness/Enablement/Service Integration

How ready are you to move to cloud now? Have you moved to cloud and found it more difficult that expected to manage the cloud or services? Diaxion can help by understanding what needs to be in place initially and what can be added over time to smooth the journey. The building blocks of cloud infrastructure need to be available but not necessarily all at one time (a common mistake – building the Rolls Royce!).


Are all clouds the same? What about hybrid? what model is best for us? What do we do with our internal virtualised infrastructure? These and other questions are going round your head and should be part of a comprehensive cloud strategy. Diaxion can help with TCO analysis, cloud provider selection, cloud timing. Bringing our experience and your needs and particular requirements together will look to provide the most effective cloud and service provision delivery to your organisation.

Governance Framework/Risk Assessment

Diaxion has a tested and proven governance and risk management framework associated with Cloud or “as a Service” adoption that has been used in Enterprise and Government that can be tailored to your company. After tailor it to your company we execute it against a small set of applications or services, train your team to take it on and provide if needed ongoing quality assurance across the process.

Talk to a Cloud Architect

Infrastructure architects with expertise in future technologies and IT direction workshop to develop the efficiency of your IT strategy. Leverage enterprise architecture services and align special expertise to your business needs.

Want your IT infrastructure to enable your business strategy?