Does a purpose built CI/CD application to build and release applications exist?


Puppet has released Pipelines which is a tool to do exactly this. Puppet Pipelines integrates with the most popular CI tools, source control systems, cloud platforms, and ChatOps tools. It gives you full control over and visibility into deployments and the ability to track it in real time.

Puppet Pipelines allows you to deploy containerised and traditional applications to your target of choice, whether it’s on-premises or in a private, public, or hybrid cloud.

Watch the Puppet Pipelines Webinar

Where Diaxion can help:

  • Diaxion Puppet Pipelines Kick start – we help you rapidly get Pipelines up and running within your environment
  • Diaxion Puppet Pipelines – POV (Proof of Value) – we understand your need, assist you in getting Pipelines in and running in a POV scenario to a use case you define and get it working to enable you to show a proof of value to the business
  • Diaxion Pervasive Automation Roadmap – unsure where or if Pipelines and other Puppet tools fit within your current tool chain, want to understand the pros and cons of the different tools and which you should get running first?
  • Diaxion can assist you with this by creating a roadmap aligned to your business strategy and portfolio of projects so that your pervasive automation roadmap aligns to and enables your project portfolio, helping you realise real business value.
  • Diaxion DevOps Kick start

    Why Pipelines?

  • Simplified approach to building and deploying both traditionally packaged and containerised applications accelerates release cycles and DevOps adoption.
  • Accelerates cloud-native application deployment.
  • Reduces the number of CI/CD tools used and supported and eliminates one-off customisations.
  • Full control and visibility across every build and deployment resolves problems faster.
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