Diaxion Embarks on Consulting and Advisory partnership with Apptio


Diaxion Embarks on Consulting and Advisory partnership with Apptio to assist clients in managing their IT spend and Technology Business Management.

Apptio supports the discipline of technology business management (TBM). Apptio provides its clients with an integrated Software as a Service capability that provides the necessary functions to help IT departments run like a business and make business decisions on the services they supply. The core basis of Apptio is to provide a clear cost basis of IT, allowing for services (cloud or not) to be billed or provide accurate cost consumption information, back to the business. From this enhanced IT planning, the business can be undertaken along with peer benchmarking (enabled through Apptio’s customers sharing anonymised industry information). The insights gleaned can be combined with other data from within IT to indicated IT improvements and track these over time.

Diaxion believes that Apptio provides the complementary support to the direction in which we believe our clients should be taking namely:

  • The move to delivering services rather technology
  • Enabling the business to understand the true cost and value of the IT services they consume
  • Move to an IT operating model that runs IT as a business
  • Cost management and visualisation on Cloud consumption
  • Working with business peers the ensure IT planning meets business needs while improvements are viewed from a business value perspective and worked through together