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Before you can automate the configuration and operation of your IT infrastructure at scale, you need to inspect what you’ve got. Incumbent tools might allow you to gather massive amounts of data, but don’t provide meaningful insights or enable you to take direct action to manage your systems.

Not having that holistic view makes it difficult to even know what to automate, much less standardize how you do so. Knowing what you have is a critical first step in any automation initiative.

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Where Diaxion can help:

Diaxion Puppet Discovery Proof of Value (POV)
Diaxion can work with you to undertake a Puppet Discovery POV within your environment allowing you to stand up a trial instance of Puppet Discovery, enable it to discover a subset of your environment and then provide some analysis reports back to you to enable you to assess the initial and ongoing value it can bring to your organisation.

Diaxion Puppet Discovery – Pervasive Automation Maturity Assessment

In order to go faster, companies must automate at scale throughout the enterprise.  Unsure what your roadmap to pervasive automation is?  Unsure where your organisation is at on their journey to Pervasive Automation?  Using Puppet Discovery combined with some Diaxion lead workshops, Diaxion will engage to perform a Pervasive Automation Maturity assessment.

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Benefits of using Puppet Discovery

  • Browse resources and their relationships across your hybrid resource pools.
  • Discover your cloud resources.
  • Understand at a glance the composition and platform distribution of your cloud server estate.
  • See what makes up your running containers including packages and their versions, and know if files have changed.
  • Take action to bring your infrastructure under management
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