Information and Data World Symposium 2012


Diaxion attended the IDWS 2012 event which was held in Pyrmont, Sydney on 9th October to check out the latest solutions in the storage world.

Violin Memory were showcasing their Flash Memory 3RU array, the 6000 series. Fully loaded it has a capacity of 32TB and delivers a blistering 1 million IOPs and 40GB/s, with
connectivity to 8Gb FC, 10Gb iSCSI and 40Gb Infiniband networks. While cost per GB is very expensive compared to FC or SATA disk arrays, cost per IO is significantly cheaper. A
typical FC drive can achieve around 180 IOPS. In order to achieve 1 million IOPS you would require more than 5000 FC drives and a significant number of racks and power! Violin
arrays are suited to extremely high IO intensive applications that require almost zero latency such as financial platforms and large databases.

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Thomas Duryea Consulting were offering Disaster Recovery as a Service which aims to reduce cost and complexity by replicating data to the cloud for DR. This is achieved by replicating data at the hypervisor level (currently only VMware, Hyper-V on the roadmap) using Virtual Applicances installed on your primary ESX hosts to a Thomas Duryhea managed cloud. Replicating at the hypervisor level removes the requirement of like for like servers and storage and can be deployed quickly without the high capital investment associated with traditional DR strategies.

See you next year at IDWS 2013!