June Newsletter


Welcome to our June, end of financial year newsletter.

Well, hasn’t this past year been a ride! What have we been doing? A very diverse range of projects and services across our clients, from cloud providers, banks, insurance, federal departments into retail and hospitality. One thing is for certain many of our clients have similar pain points, desires and business outcomes but they are across the entire spectrum of IT life cycle and capabilities. We were completing Cloud migrations whilst doing several of the following:

  • • Risk mitigation strategies on end of life / support software and hardware
  • • Small and large scale data centre relocations
  • • Storage tenders
  • • Sourcing strategies
  • • Automating all types of technologies and activities

Such a diverse set of engagements, yet the common theme was realisation of tangible business benefits in year so that IT could show benefits to the business and be an enabler rather than perceived as a cost and business hurdle. At the heart of this was some of our new consulting around Target State Operating Model definition where we look at the current pain points in the IT organisation, it’s impacts to the business or more pragmatically the business’s ability to get new services to market in a rapid and cost effective fashion. This is generally a 2-year transformation roadmap identifying with a broad range of stakeholders how IT wants to be perceived, what services it delivers to the business and how the business wants to operate / consume IT services in 2 years. From this we look at the people, process and technology elements of the transformation. Identify the necessary building blocks, define the target state, business benefits, business case and transformation roadmap. The roadmap being broken into bi monthly or quarterly iterative releases that are aligned to the business demand or project pipeline, thereby presenting to the business iterative and cumulative business benefits realising benefits in year. All of these engagements have included the move to a hybrid cloud operating model.

Want to learn more? Contact us or look out for one of our upcoming newsletters when we define it in more detail.

What else new have we done this financial year?

  • • Became the first regional Puppet Service Delivery Partner – we work with you to effectively use Puppet Enterprise; Puppet PS also leverages us!
  • • Launched the Puppet Enterprise / Cisco Nexus jumpstart service in conjunction with Puppet and Cisco – manage your Nexus switches via Puppet
  • • Software defined networking projects for Cisco ACI
  • • Microsoft Azure migrations and automation
  • • We are now a Microsoft Consulting sub-contracting partner around Azure, automation and data centre modernisation
  • • Extensive PowerShell and PowerShell DSC automation – automate the build of an entire Azure Pack, Hardware
    configuration and Software from one command. Operations on Azure including provision, de-provision, security etc. Upgrade an entire POD of servers, storage, network, compute and hypervisor from one command, moving hundreds and thousands of VM’s around so that no client disruption is encountered.
  • • AWS business service architecture design, strategy and implementation
  • • Windows 2003 remediation
  • • HPC in the cloud anyone?
  • • Helping clients to consume, manage and operate services to construct their own services to their business users
  • • Data Centre and cloud migrations
  • • CliQr design, deployment and integration for DevOPS

A diverse set of projects and needs. So what are we focusing on next week?

  • • Network services virtualisation and automation
  • • Automation and orchestration in general – Infrastructure as Code
  • • Microsoft Azure consumption and automation for the enterprise
  • • Expanding our software defined network capability and automation
  • • Solution design, solution and enterprise architecture around the data centre, hybrid cloud and cloud in general
  • • Helping IT enable but govern the business in the age of consumption “as a service”

Thanks for your support this year and for reading our newsletter, I am always surprised and happy when you frequently refer to articles that you have read from the newsletter when we meet.