Reaping the Business benefits of DevOps?


Are you moving to a software defined data centre?
Are you embracing a DevOps culture?
What should it encompass?
What would be your definition?
What business value does it deliver?
Are you ready to make the people and process changes needed?

Are you reaping the benefits of DevOps?

DevOps is a cultural and process way of delivering business outcomes. It focusses on the business value stream enabled by IT – Delivering business requirements into operating services. This means working as a collaborative team!

DevOps takes many cues from Lean including creating flow, reducing waste, measurement, customer value and continuous improvement

Implementing DevOps requires a number of common pre-requisites and then a choice implementation approaches.

A Diagram of the major influences in DevOps

Common pre-requisites, this should be done iteratively

  • • Define the strategy
  • o Separate the problem exploration and understanding, from solution options
  • o Understand and document drivers
  • o Understand and document challenges/issues
  • o Define success factors and measures
  • o Define the value stream
  • o Identify priorities – short, medium and long term
  • • Define the approach to implementation
  • o Choose approach
  • o Identify roadmap
  • o Link priorities to roadmap

Diaxion is able to answer all the above questions, work with you to define a strategy and then help you find the right implementation method.